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Candovers and Wield

The Churchyard

The Churchyard was closed to burials in 1856 when the village Cemetery was opened on land belonging to the Terry family. There are several cast metal tombstones, dating from the days when there was a foundry about a hundred yards west of the church in Up Street. Unfortunately few of the inscriptions on the stone memorials are now legible.The Cemetery is 100 yards to the left as you leave the Lychgate. It is on the right hand side and is not locked.




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The Lychgate

The timbers of the lychgate came from an ancient barn at Dummer Grange. The design of the gate was based on that of a porch at Boxford Church in Suffolk and was adapted by Lady Rycroft, wife of Sir Richard, whose memorial is inside the church.

The lychgate was erected as a memorial to men of Dummer who gave their lives in the First World War (1914-1918). Their names, together with the names of those who gave their lives in the Second World War (1939-1945), are inscribed on the outer side. 


Lest we forget . . . .

A panel of information has been published on the centenary of his death in World War I for each of the Dummer men who are commemorated on the village war memorial. Please follow the links:


World War I                                     World War II

Sydney Leonard White d. 21 Feb 1915                           Edward Brown

Frank Seward d. 29 June 1915                                           Colin Ferguson

Albert Charles Spicer d. 6 Aug 1915                               Harry Hounsome

William Spicer d. 10 Aug 1915                                             Archibald Maslen

Llewelyn James Jones d. 16 Mar 1916                            David Wedderburn

Royston Bishop d. 16 Nov 1916

Sidney Willis d. 15 Sept 1916

Charles White d. 20 Dec 1916

Arthur Chivers d. 21 Apr 1917       

Harry Eales d. 26 Apr 1918                   

Walter Prior d. 19 May 1918                   

Archibald Victor Maslen d. 13 June 1918

Frederick Hall and other casualties



war memorial




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