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Stephen’s Scribbles – farewell to our editor

Dear Friends,

This edition marks a huge milestone, in that it is our esteemed editor of Hill and Dale, Edna Chilton’s last one after about twenty years in the role. There are few editors who last that long in most editorial jobs, and her initial calling began some years before her predecessor, Sally Adams, was ready to give it up. Sometimes we see a role we know we are being called to, but we have to wait until it’s vacant. Edna’s enthusiasm and skills have been put to good use over many years, as the magazine has moved from a duplicating machine to a professionally printed presentation, and has seen several vicars come and go.

The task of an editor has many facets, and virtues of patience and perseverance when the computer crashes or loses all your hard work and you have to start again, are paramount in the personal specification. As with almost every role in a church fellowship, it is a volunteer post, accountable to incumbent, churchwardens and PCC, and that brings a responsibility in what is included in the magazine – suitable advertising, articles to inform, advertise future events (woe betide a late edition missing the event) – and to also be an organ of the gospel, for this is primarily a church magazine, reflecting the good news of Jesus Christ and the underlying call to every human being that there is a Living God who can be known, experienced, loved, worshipped, who keeps His promises and wants every person to turn to follow Him and know His Holy Spirit’s power.

Edna, we are going to miss you hugely, with the “snippet” fillers with humour that most of the time is welcomed and enjoyed and, (like occasional comments from the clergy) sometimes irritates a reader or two, the excellent presentation of the magazine which makes it readable, and the underlying sense of humour. 

Our new editor is Jean Frost, well known in the Candover Valley as she is also editor of “Oxdrove”, our sister publication. A new email address, has been set up for Hill and Dale – which should now be used for all material – both contributors and advertisers.

Parish magazines have the highest combined circulation of any publication in the country, far outweighing every national newspaper, so a valuable source to reach millions of people, if you can find out who the editor is: they are joined by thousands of volunteers who help print and distribute them to millions of households. The era of printed magazines may be on the wane, as moving to electronic versions has happened for many during the current Covid-19 crisis; but many want their hard copy with its information available as to who to contact where, as much as (I hope!) reading the clergy letters.

God did not remain apart from us but sent The WORD - “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; he was in the beginning with God; and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” Every person should read the written Word, God’s truth recorded in encounters with Him, by over 40 different authors over 1,500 years, as they will discover how human beings had their eyes opened to this Living God who revealed Himself – as if the curtains of heaven were pulled aside and not only did the Light flood the earth, we were given a glimpse of heaven above. Reading the Word leads to knowing the Word – Jesus Himself whose life, healing ministry, death and resurrection have changed millions of lives. Words are important as they convey meaning, hope, promise, revelation, and above all, truth.

Parish magazines and their editors are unsung heroes in ministry – Edna, may God bless you and your family as you at last can sit back, last magazine “put to bed” as the printers say, and enjoy some other pastime that you have always avoided!

And we pray for Jean and her team, that as they get going with the October edition, we will all do what we can to support her through the extra workload, the information flow, and the changes which will take place as any new editor will do it “their way.”

And finally… we are getting back to speed with Sunday worship, singing outside – we pray soon that it will all revert to our joyous response to our Loving Holy God who BREATHED His Spirit into our lives and rejoices as we breathe out our prayers and praises in word and song inside our places of worship.

May God bless us as we adjust to the autumn programme and changes in our worship patterns. 

As ever, 




Hill and Dale change of Editor for October 2020 edition onwards

Having paid tribute to Edna Chilton, I’d like to welcome Jean Frost as our new editor for Hill and Dale.

She has edited Oxdrove, our sister parish magazine, for Candover Valley for many years, and so comes with vast experience as well as lots of local knowledge, as much of the material that informs about church matters is common to both – I have to tailor the worship rotas but they are essentially the same!

Jean lives in Wield with husband Terry and both are members of St. James’ Wield; she has wide experience as a bee-keeper too amongst a number of different gifts and work in which she is involved.

PLEASE NOTE: from the beginning of September all information for Hill and Dale should now go to a  new email address which has been set up for Hill and Dale – so please use it now for all material – both contributors and advertisers.

Please pray for Jean as she takes over this role; there will be changes, as every new editor brings a fresh approach with different ideas and please be prompt with editorial contributions so that she has time to edit both magazines for similar deadlines.

More details will follow next month.



Stephen Mourant, Associate Rector, Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, The Rectory, Church Lane, Ellisfield, Hampshire RG25 2QR. 01256-381217


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