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    The Benefice comprises four adjacent parishes: 

    The Candovers with Bradley 

    The Parish of Farleigh has four churches - in the villages of: Cliddesden, Dummer, Ellisfield and Farleigh Wallop. 
    The Parish of The Candovers with Bradley has three churches - in the villages of: Preston Candover, Brown Candover and Bradley.
    The Parishes of Northington and of Wield each have one church.
    These parishes together form the Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, which is served by two full time Priests: 

    The Rector is the Rev David Chattell 

    Parish Prayer/Bible Reading Diary

    The Prayer Diary for Prayer Diary from Monday 10th January to Saturday 26th Februaryis now available. We include prayers for our communities, those in need, and some of our regular church events across the benefice.



  • Dear Friends - A monthly letter from our priest

    Dear Friends

    Happy New Year!

    Who is your ‘go to’ motivational speaker?  Or, who inspires you after a conversation, or after reading their tweets or blog, or greets you in the Community Store leaves you feeling more ready to face the day?  Good speakers open up fresh worlds of possibility and are able to change our outlook to see potential whereas before we saw only gloom and futility!  

    The fastest aircraft ever made served in the USAF and was the SR71 or ‘Blackbird’. One pilot who flew this jet has an amazing story of how he recovered after a plane crash in Vietnam, was badly burnt but recovered to fly again and become an elite SR71 pilot.  His name is Brian Shul and his inspiring talk is on, of course, YouTube.

    A good speaker creates belief and inspires confidence, helps us see the silver lining and has somehow accessed our wills to leave us feeling up for the next thing we need to face or to change.

    We might not think that the bible has inspirational speakers but actually I think that it does. For example David and Goliath is a great story about standing up to a bully and ending their rule of intimidation and threats as the untrained shepherd boy refuses to stand by and see one individual wrongly dominating his people.  Or the story of Queen Esther who risks all she has as she takes her life in her hands as she goes to see the king with a petition on behalf of her people.

    The Bible contains many stories of God’s people either taking notice of God or refusing to listen, that is until things were very bad and they needed his help.  Psalm 81 reminds us of God rescuing his people from their oppression in Egypt as Pharoah’s slaves.  Powerless to help themselves they were grateful for Moses leading them out as God did powerful acts to save them. But, they soon forgot and set aside the ways of God, even the command to party (really!) and this psalm ends on a wistful note, (verses 13 – 16) if only my people would listen to me…they would be so blessed.

    Jesus spoke with words that made his hearers amazed and they were used to listening to preachers but When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law. (Matt 7:29)

    May God bless us with his Word that speaks into our hearts and minds, that touches our will and resolve this new year.  One of the exciting things we have in Christian faith is this, that God is a communicating God, he has a book too filled with wisdom, warning, encouragement and promises of blessing. May his word to us be the most motivational it ever has been as we go through 2022.

    Every Blessing



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