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Furniture and Fittings

Furniture and fittings


This is one of the oldest pulpits in the country, constructed about 1380. It is in the Perpendicular style, with simple tracery at the top of the panels.

In the course of six centuries many persons who became famous preachers in their day may have developed their eloquence in this pulpit. A young curate of Dummer, who in 1736 delivered his earliest sermons here, lived to become known as The Prince of Pulpit Orators. His first curacy - of six weeks - was spent in Dummer. He was George Whitefield (1714-1770), after whom Whitefield's Tabernacle in London's Tottenham Court Road was named. Although he was friendly with the Wesley brothers, he did not become a Wesleyan but left the Church of England to found the Calvinistic Methodist denomination.

The two oak chairs on either side of the chancel arch are a memorial to Barbara Elizabeth Wilmot-Sitwell, d. 1991, who worshipped in this church for many years. The surface of the seats is unusual and surprisingly comfortable.



The lectern was presented as a tribute from the family of the Revd. Sir William Dunbar, rector 1875-1881. 


Communion rail

The communion rail, made in the late 17th century, is notable for its strong, twisted, balusters.


Donations board

Situated on the north wall, it records charitable gifts to the Parish. One of the requests, made in 1610 by John Millingate, gave to the parish a small dwelling and garden for the instruction of six boys. This marked the beginning of Dummer School which, by successive enlargements (one being Weston's Gift, also recorded on the board) served Dummer for 361 years without apparent interruption, until its closure by the county education authority in 1971.

donations board

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