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Bishop’s Commission for Mission (BCM) 

Spring 2022: 4 Programme Streams Available 

Are you a lay person who would like some encouragement to develop or grow your existing ministry? Are you more interested in learning from passionate current practitioners in ministry than in getting a formal qualification? Do you want help to see your ministry through a missional lens? Then the Bishop’s Commission for Mission could be for you. 

BCM is a lay training programme focused on enabling church members to live missionally in every part of their lives, equipping them to live out their vocation to the full. Through participating in the programme, we believe God will shape you for your place in his mission. 

This spring we plan to offer BCM programmes as a combination of online and in person training. You will need to be recommended by your incumbent and PCC, who should pay your training costs, currently £60 per person. Once you have successfully met the programme requirements, you will be commissioned by the Bishop for a BCM role within your benefice as agreed between you and your incumbent.


 How does BCM Online Training Work? 

•       There is a Launch Session at St Paul’s Bursledon, SO31 8DT, Introducing Mission Spirituality.

•       There are then 6 specialist topic sessions (1.5 hours each) when we meet online together for
         discussion and tutor input.

  • Finally there is a Closing Session (venue tbc) to enable you to consider how God has been shaping your for his service. 


BCM highly values relational learning so we ask you to commit to attending all the sessions and to engage with the online material offered.

For each of the sessions there is some pre-work material to do online at your own pace and in your own time. We expect this to take up to an hour. This is a key aspect of BCM and we expect everyone to do this. Pre-work materials may consist of something to read, a film to watch, commenting in a forum or engaging in practical actions to explore offline.

Once you have completed the programme you will need to complete a role description, safeguarding training and a DBS check in order to receive your commission. More information will be provided during the training. 

For more information and booking forms please contact our BCM Administrator


BCM Pastoral and BCM Growing Faith. 

(Wednesday Evenings 7.00pm to 8.30pm – except where indicated) 

  • BCM Pastoral: This programme aims to equip you to be pastoral in different contexts in the church and in the community. It is about developing your skills and exploring your vocation to this ministry. 
  • BCM Growing Faith: This is for those who have a passion to help others grow in their faith. We will explore what being a disciple means and how disciples grow into maturity. We will offer tools to use in a variety of contexts and give a vision for how the local church might help grow new disciples. 



Here are the dates for the different sessions. Launch and Closing sessions are held in person with all programme streams together. Please note Pastoral session 1 is also held in person at Wolvesey.      



 Growing Faith                

15 Jan 

Launch Session: Mission Spirituality (Sat 10.00am to 3.00pm) St Paul’s Bursledon. 

19 Jan 

1. Listening. (Held in person at Wolvesey) 

1. What is Growing Faith? 

 2 Feb 

2. Family Matters 

2. What do people need to grow in faith? 

16 Feb 

3. Growing Older 

3. What does mature look like? 

 9 Mar 

4. Managing a Visit 

4. How can we nurture people 1:1? 

16 Mar 

5. Death, Dying & Bereavement 

5. Growing faith through small groups 

30 Mar 

6. Courageous Conversations 

6. A church strategy for growing faith. 

 2 April

Closing Session: How has God been shaping me for service? (Sat 9.30am – 12noon) Venue TBC 


BCM Pioneer and BCM Creation Care

(Tuesday Evenings 7.00pm to 8.30pm – except where indicated) 

  • BCM PioneerThis programme explores creative ways take your ministry out of the church building and into the community. It will build your personal confidence and offer you a variety of resources to take those exciting but scary first steps
  • BCM Creation Care This is for those who want to help their church steward the world’s natural resources. It will consider the theology of our calling to care for God’s creation, as well as exploring practical actions we can take to raise awareness and make a difference in our churches and communities 


Here are the dates for the different sessions. Launch and Closing sessions are held in person with all programme streams together.



Creation Care 

15 Jan 

Launch Session: Mission Spirituality (Sat 10.00am to 3.00pm) St Paul’s Bursledon. 

18 Jan 

1. Let’s Talk about Church

1. God’s Wonderful World 

 1 Feb 

2. Jesus the Pioneer 

2. Made in God’s Image to Care 

15 Feb 

3. What is Around You? 

3. The Problem 

 8 Mar 

4. Mission Spirituality 

4. A Future and a Hope 

15 Mar 

5. ‘Mixed Economy is the Norm’ _

5. Telling the Truth in Love 

29 Mar 

6. The Pioneer Spectrum 

6. Action Stations 

 2 April 

Closing Session: How has God been shaping me for service? (Sat 9.30am -12noon) Venue TBC 





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School of Mission Newsletter July 2021


This month we introduce a new member of the School of Mission team.

Hello!  I am Chris Hill and I am the new Mission Trainer.  I am going to be involved with a whole host of different training elements including:

·      those training for BCM,

·      curates, as they continue to 
       learn and reflect on their

·      continuing ministerial
       development for all in authorised
       and licenced ministry.



I was ordained in London in 2012 and served in parish ministry. The roots of my ministry are in Winchester diocese having begun in ministry as a youth worker living in Bournemouth.  My family and I are now in the process of moving to Southampton. As a lifelong learner I am currently studying the CMS MA in Pioneer Mission Leadership. 

I am really looking forward to exploring Winchester diocese, getting to know the countryside, parishes and people and above all, helping people to grow in their calling and ministry as they put themselves forward for training opportunities. Do get in touch to find out how you can encourage people in your church to undertake training to join in God’s mission. 

Chris Hill, Mission Trainer        



Bishops Commission for Mission




Coming Up this Autumn

This coming autumn term we will be offering four BCM programmes. BCM aims to equip and inspire lay people who feel a calling to, or have already stepped into, an area of ministry in their local church.

We would particularly like to bring to your notice the opportunity to take BCM Youth & Children’s Ministry as this BCM is only available on an occasional basis. 


For dates and to register your interest contact

BCM Worship (Into God’s presence): For those who have a desire to lead God’s people into God’s presence. The training will cover the core skills required to lead worship in your church/community and on completion carries an authorisation to lead non eucharistic worship more than once a quarter at the discretion of your incumbent.

BCM Youth & Children’s Ministry: This is primarily for those who are leading any form of youth or children’s ministry in the church. The training will provide you with a range of creative ideas for building a strong ministry team.

BCM Prayer Champions (Creating a climate of Prayer): This aims to equip you to encourage prayer in your church and community.  It will build your personal confidence in prayer and offer you a variety of ideas to help others grow in prayer.

BCM Creation Care (Practical Stewardship): This is for those who want to help their church steward the world’s natural resources.  It will consider the theology of our calling to care for God’s creation, as well as exploring practical steps churches can take.


Prayer and Spirituality


The Joy of Prayer

These Zoom workshops are for anyone who would like to broaden their experience of prayer.



Tuesday 13th July        20:00 – 21:00              Dare to Share

Come and listen, and be listened to (in small groups), as we reflect on our relationship with God and our experience of prayer.

Led – on Zoom – by the Revd Sally Dakin, Spirituality Adviser

Enquiries to

Bookings to



Interesting Intercessions       20th July          14:00 -16:30

An online workshop for those who already lead ‘the prayers of the people’ or who would like to learn to lead intercessions in church – relevant for both online and offline worship.

Led – on Zoom – by the Revd Sally Dakin, Spirituality Adviser

Enquiries to

Bookings to



Rule of Life


Rule of Life Mini Retreats

Join us to consider how a Rule (or Rhythm) of Life might help us to grow and be more fruitful in our relationships with God, with each other, and with the communities we’re part of.

These will resume in the autumn.  




Living Generously – Praying for One Another

Download the new-look Diocesan Prayer Cycle to get a glimpse of what’s going on all around the Diocese – and the Anglican Communion – and to intercede more specifically for one another.



Continuing Ministerial Development


Biblical Scholarship in England before the Norman Conquest - Friday, 24th September, 7pm, Winchester Cathedral

Professor Sarah Foot, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford

Study of the Bible lay at the centre of religious life in the Anglo-Saxon period and underpinned the whole written culture of early medieval England.  Professor Foot leads us through the times of Bede, Alfred and Æthelwold to reveal a tradition interrupted but not destroyed by the Norman Conquest.

This lecture will be of interest to all those wishing to understand how our forebears, including the monastic scholars of the Priory of St Swithun at Winchester, understood and studied the scriptures in the later part of the first millennium. Sarah Foot is author of Monastic Life in Anglo-Saxon England, c. 600–900.




Grant Applications for Continuing Ministerial Development

Clergy who wish to apply for grant funding for a course or retreat can find detailshere. As the Wolvesey Office is closed please do not send applications by post, but email to Frances Ter Haar on



Outside Opportunities




'A life in Science and Religion'


4th July, 15:00 - 16:00 - Free seminar


Revd Prof Alister McGrath shares insights into his life in science and religion.  This plenary lecture of the Faraday summer school is freely open to the public.  More information can be found here.

The Faraday Institute also holds research seminars on a Tuesday lunchtime at 13:00. The seminars are held as Zoom Webinars and are free to attend.  All are welcome.   

For more information visit the Faraday website.




Sarum College Events


Taster session

27th  July 2021, 7-8pm

Free online session about Sarum’s postgraduate programmes in Theology, Imagination and Culture, and in Christian Spirituality validated by the University of Winchester.  
These interdisciplinary, academically enabling and spirituality nourishing programmes also offer a wider benefit to the faith-based organisations, congregations, clients and charitable organisations associated with our students.      

Email us to book your place


Summer Language Schools at Sarum College

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

8th to 13th August
Join us for an adventure into a different world and time where a radical new understanding of Creation and the Creator emerged. This residential course introduces the Biblical Hebrew and lays the groundwork for further study. 
Details and booking 



Biblical Greek in a Week
9th to 14th August
Six days of intensive study gives you the basic tools to understand the Koine Greek language and bypass the translations to enrich your understanding and enjoyment of the Bible.
Details and booking





Sport and Wellbeing Gathering. More information here







Preaching and Story:  21st July     10.30-13.00 via Zoom 

Workshop Leader: Revd Dr Mark Wakelin, Methodist Minister. 

We will tell each other stories, biblical or otherwise, and reflect on what we learn and feel. Within that reflection we will consider the importance of exegesis in preparing a story, and the relationship of story to truth. During the workshop we will aim to encourage each other and learn from each other to enrich our preaching. 

Changing the Climate: Preaching in the Environmental Crisis - 1st September, 10.30 – 13:00 via Zoom 

Workshop Leader: Revd Paul Johns, Methodist Minister.


Climate change, floods and droughts, declining biodiversity – is all this just a stock of fresh sermon illustrations? Or does it shift the context of our preaching, and therefore sermon content too? God holds the planet in one hand and offers us the Bible with the other. What hope does the biblical message offer to a planet in pain?

This workshop, led by Revd Paul Johns, will provide an opportunity to share your thoughts and preaching experience, and to listen to and discuss two or three recent (and short) ‘environmental’ sermons. 

Suffering, Science, and Preaching a Theology of Hope 
Wednesday 8th September, 10.30 – 13:00 via Zoom 

Workshop leader: Revd Jennifer Brown, Director of Training for the College of Preachers and former Science Missioner.

How can science help us understand suffering? Can science offer a way through which we can explore the perennial question of why God allows suffering? And how do we speak of hope in the midst of suffering? This workshop will explore how we can use insights from science in our preaching both to help people engage with questions around suffering and to offer a theology of hope.

Ticket prices for all online workshops: General £7.  Ministry Student £5.  

For booking information click here



Pioneering Parishes


A series of four webinars over two months aimed at helping parishes become more pioneering.

More information here



MA in Mission


MA in Mission

Distance Learning Course

Full Time 1 year.  Part time 2 years.

Mission at Winchester provides a unique opportunity to develop your theological and analytical skills, enhance your creativity and reflect on mission practice and history in a post-colonial context – thoroughly equipping you for contemporary mission.

More information here.



HeartEdge Mission Summer School


HeartEdge Mission Summer School

12th to 16th July

£70 All Sessions   £10 Evening Sessions Mon - Thurs

An opportunity to engage more deeply with the theology of mission and to explore how it relates to your own practice.

A mix of teaching, workshops and conversation with leading scholars and practitioners including the Revd Dr Sam Wells, Professor Anthony Reddie, Dr Cathy Ross, and Revd Heather Cracknell, among others.

More information about the programme and booking information here



SP3 - Social Transformation


Community Chaplaincy

Volunteer as a mentor to Ex-prisoners

Statistics show that, on average, 46% of ex-prisoners will re-offend within one year of release. BUT – this figure reduces significantly if someone takes a personal interest in their rehabilitation. A little of your time (2-3 hours/week) can change the direction of a life.

Churches, and individuals, can find out more and express an interest by contacting Roger Venn at the New Foundations website here   



Healthcare Chaplaincy


Exploring Healthcare Chaplaincy Course – Autumn 2021

Four half day sessions on Zoom on 30th September, 21st October, 11th November, 2nd December.

This course is for people wondering if healthcare chaplaincy volunteering is for them. The course explores what it means to be part of a healthcare chaplaincy team in the 21st century where pastoral, spiritual, and religious care is offered to patients and staff in a multi-faith and belief context.

For further information and application details contact,

Applications must be submitted by 1st September.  The autumn 2021 cohort is subsidised by NHS England and there is no fee.






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