Church Information - 19th September

19th September 2020

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield


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Letter no 31 September 19th 2020

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

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For Farleigh Parish

Dear friends,

This is a short note to you all as there is some confusion around about the “Rule of 6” which came into force a few days ago.

This does not apply to churches, worship can still go on, as long as we observe the basic guidelines:

  1. Wash hands before coming, use hand sanitizer on entry.
  2. Socially distance – household groups may sit together, but all groups/individuals who come, must sit in alternate pews or stand at a 2 metre distance from other groups/individuals.
  3. Singing is not permitted by congregations but a choir or singer may sing to them – am of the mind that a “scratch choir” of a couple of folk in the chancel is perfectly permissible.
  4. Wearing of masks: this is mandatory in enclosed spaces, despite this only preventing a wearer who has the virus from possibly infecting another nearby.
  5. Using service cards/booklets and hymnbooks is perfectly safe: these are generally only used once or twice a month, and so any possibility of virus transfer is very small as any virus, we are told, can only live a maximum of 72 hours only on any surface
  6. Holy Communion: The wafers and wine will be consecrated in the normal way: come forward and receive a wafer; then take one of the small tumblers from a tray with individual cups, drink the wine, placing the empty tumbler on the other tray, and return to your place.
  7. We will continue Sunday services as per our usual pattern, and do all we can to minimise the possibility of spreading this virus amongst ourselves.

Services in Farleigh for next couple of Sundays are as follows:

Sunday 20 September 

8.00                        Ellisfield               Holy Communion BCP

9.45                        Dummer              Holy Communion CW

11.15                     Cliddesden           Harvest Family Service (outside)

Saturday 26 September   

6.00 p.m.             Cliddesden             Holy Communion BCP

Sunday 27 September 

9.45                        Dummer              Holy Communion CW

11.15                     Ellisfield                Harvest Family Service (outside)

All very welcome, as we try to recover confidence that worshipping together will bless us and encourage us.

With every blessing,

In His love,