Benefice of Farleigh,

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Church Information - 22nd May 2021

Letter no 62, May 22nd 2021

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

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Dear friends, 

Pentecost is sometimes called the Birthday of the Church, when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven upon the gathered disciples in Jerusalem, when they were filled with God Himself, for the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity, One God in three distinct Persons.

Tomorrow we celebrate that special moment - but it was not just an experience for the apostles alone and for that time alone; Jesus’ promises about the Holy Spirit are for all people for all time – for us to be filled with His continual Presence so that we exude Him as we go about our daily lives; to be filled with the power to love the difficult people, to have patience in troubled times, to have His peace dwelling in us and around us, and to have power to both live and minister to one another with healing power.

A few of us have gathered to pray over the last ten days, asking the Lord to bring a new Pentecost about for us, so that each of us is filled with a new confidence in Him, and new conversation about Him, as well as praying for our worship services to have a deeper sense of His Presence and for others not yet believers to become believers. Thank you to those who have led slots or joined in praying.

Stephen has uploaded an online talk on Pentecost by Rev. Canon J. John, whose ministry has been much appreciated around the country; he offered a talk to any church who wanted it – it’s a bit longer than we are used to, but he is a compelling speaker, so if you are still at home, please tune in to hear him. 

The link is

Services tomorrow all as normal, and no need to remind anyone of the protocols – God willing it will not be long before all is back to relative normality. 

This will probably be the last weekly letter for the moment, but should the need arise, we could reinstate it. 

For those who may be aware of developments in Winchester Diocese, please do pray for transparency, honesty, truth and light to be shed into the current situation, and give thanks for the courage of those who have stepped up to ask difficult questions.

As always, any urgent pastoral needs, so get in touch with David or Stephen - we are available on the phone, email, Zoom and in person at a social distance.

Every blessing,  

David and Stephen



Stephen Mourant,  

Associate Rector

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, 


The Rectory, Church Lane, Ellisfield, 

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