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Letter no 45, January 23rd 2021

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

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Dear Friends,

The call to pray for our nation and world seems to grow ever more urgent as we face not only the ongoing health battle against an unseen enemy, but also the much wider issues across the world stage. The older we are, the more of the world’s crises we have lived through, and God’s mercy has been much in evidence – one poet wrote “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams.”

Many people do not really pray much because they have never seen the moments when prayer has been answered by a Mighty God; the depth of intercession that some people engage in as they seek the Lord, fast and draw near to the Living Lord has to be experienced to change us. Shallow prayer lives means never entering the place of wrestling with God until we have assurance of His having heard us. 

Stephen writes: “Recently reading “Prayer” by O. Hallesby – one of the early 20th century classics on prayer has challenged the paucity of my own prayer life, and I am about to start a more recent classic called “God on mute” by Pete Greig, who runs the 24/7 prayer movement, which has reached more than half the nations of the earth. 

How do you deepen your discipleship and walk with God? What Christian book have you read recently? Are you serious about growing in your spiritual life or are you content to sit on the side of the prayer pool and watch?

I have dozens of books I wish you would read, which would bless your souls and widen your prayer experience. 

“Prayer” by Richard Foster, “The Word on the Wind” by Alison Morgan, “Adventures in Prayer” by Catherine Marshall, “Reaching for the invisible God” by Philip Yancey and “The Grace Outpouring” by Roy Goodwin and Dave Roberts are all on offer for anyone to borrow, first come, first served. Email me and I’ll drop a book off to you.”

This week’s link for Stephen’s online service is:

He is also uploading four 3 minute Bible Stories for Children, narrated by Natalie Wood and beautifully illustrated –  these will be incorporated into the main services over next few weeks, but if parents want to show a “short” apart from the main online service, these are each less than 3 minutes long. Thank you Natalie for the brilliant work in recording them.

These are now on a new “children’s tab” on the benefice website, and we will put up again the links to the other Bible stories that Natalie recorded last year.

The links for each one are: 

Only believe – healing of woman and Jairus’ daughter    

Water changed into wine      

Jesus heals a paralysed man   

Zacchaeus the tax collector meets Jesus and is changed

More about the Lent Bible Society course (Wednesdays ) and the Exploring Faith course  (Tuesdays or Thursdays and daytime if there are takers) next week.

The Deanery Service next Sunday, 31 January which is being recorded over next few days will also be available next Sunday.

David’s service will be on the website later.

We are available as always for you by phone, email, zoom or a conversation in your garden.

Prayers for you all,

Every blessing,

David and Stephen



Stephen Mourant,  

Associate Rector

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, 


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