Prayer Diary from Tuesday 31st August to Sunday 10th October

Download the latest prayer diary here : Tuesday 31st August to Sunday 10th October

Dear fellow pray-ers,

This will be the last Prayer and Bible Reading diary I shall be producing - I think we started this in Lent 2012, so about 9 years of prayers and bible readings for you all.

The Old Testament readings continue in Proverbs - I hope you have really enjoyed these as we rarely get these in the Sunday lectionary; we move on to more history as we travel through 1 and 2 Chronicles, recording the lives of David, and subsequent kings - some good, some bad, some awful - bit like the rest of humanity I guess.

The secret is to learn from their successes and definitely their mistakes, and not just read about them. 

The New Testament readings continue in Mark's gospel until mid-October, when we move on to John.

May God bless you all as you read and pray, and we trust the Lord either to raise up someone else to do this, OR that we all get ourselves a regular Bible Reading plan if we haven't got one yet:

Scripture Union, The Bible Society, RBC(Radio Bible Class), BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship), Holy Trinity Brompton "Bible in a year" are all different ways of daily readings with helpful notes, so do make use of these resources.

Every blessing,



Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector