Prayer Diary Wednesday 2nd June to Saturday 17th July

Download the latest prayer diary here : Wednesday 2nd June to Saturday 17th July

Dear fellow prayer warriors,

Attached please find latest Prayer & Bible Reading diary taking us up to 17 July.

Our Old Testament readings continue through Job, and on into the prophet Ezekiel; sometimes we need some help with understanding the dialogue in Job - from his so called comforters who try to tell him he must have sinned to be going through the trial he is experiencing - a common assumption - the "What have I done to deserve this?" syndrome. We have the advantage of knowing the prologue, seeing this as part of the spiritual warfare that is ever increasing in the struggle for truth in a society that to an extent rejects anything which challenges behaviour, mind-set or philosophy.

Our New Testament readings take us through Paul's great exposition of the Christian faith in his masterful letter to the Romans; in July we move on into his second letter to the Corinthians, which, when taken with his first letter, addresses a multi-faith community not unlike our own, with it's moral mess and confusion.

There are very helpful commentaries available which help us understand the background to every book of the Bible, putting them into their cultrual, historical and political context, so helping us to grasp what they meant then and what they mean now.

May He who has opened our eyes to see His truth, the real truth, about Him, us and our world guide us into all truth.




Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector