Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here :  Sunday August 21st to October 3rd 

Dear All,

Our Old Testament readings continue the story of David the king and his taking over from his failed predecessor Saul; the readings carry us on through to his exploits, disastrous affair, family authority broken, and the loss of several of his sons violently - it reads like some of today's newspapers... but we can learn what not to do from his life as well as from his humbling before God and willingness to acknowledge his sins rather than try to justify himself or brush it off with a denial, "I've done nothing wrong."

Our New Testament readings carry on through Acts, as the early Church expanded and became the missionary faith it is today - these stories give us insight to the power of the Spirit at work then as well as now - miracles still happen if we have eyes to see.

May God Grow us up in maturity as believers so we can explain and articulate our faith in Jesus to others..

Our prayers include some of the postponed weddings happening soon as well as other meetings.

Every blessing