Prayer Diary 16th November to 14th December

Download the latest prayer diary here : Monday 16th November to Monday 14th December

Dear fellow travellers in the Way (as Acts called Christian people),

Attached is the next edition of the prayer diary. 

The Archbishops called everyone to a month of prayer during this latest lockdown, and there are plenty of resources to use, such as:  Thy Kingdom Come - .  

But why not use what we already have?! So please use these short prayers as a way into longer ones, and use the Bible readings as prayers - particularly the Psalms each day - I have found some of them powerful in recent months as the words written, inspired by the Holy Spirit, so many hundreds of years ago, speak into human experiences of joy and sorrow, anger against sin, fear, worry, loneliness, praise and hope.

The Old Testament readings carry on through Daniel, and then on into Isaiah, prophesying back in the 730s and 720s BC, leading up to Christmas: Our New Testament readings go through Revelation - if you want to read more about how to understand Revelation, I suggest a commentary such as Michael Wilcock's "I saw heaven opened" - very good. Then we move into the shorter letters of Paul to the Thessalonians, and then into 2 Peter, written by the apostle.

May God bless us as we pray.

Every blessing


Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector 

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