Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : December 2017 to January 2018

As Advent begins we continue our readings in the great prophet Isaiah who foresaw the coming of Jesus over 700 years before; his book intertwines current issues in Israel in the 720s BC with flashes of insight that only later we would realise were predicting the coming of the Saviour. in Advent we have a mix of New Testament readings from both Matthew and Luke's gospels with seasonal readings dotted about through Galatians, John's first letter and others. In January we move on to 1 Samuel, plotting the course of the boy Samuel being called to lead God's people, while we return to Mark for our New Testament walk though Jesus' life. 

Our praying focuses on those in need, on those who serve our communities, those who live in our villages with varying needs, and for the wider world - there's a lot of good news out there but it is hidden from view much of the time because the world media makes choices about what to tell us, so we remain uninformed of much of the sacrificial ministry that is going on in Africa and Asia, of lives being transformed by the Holy Spirit in out own nation, so let's remember that for every bad news story we hear there's ten more good news stories that editors are not interested in. Some of them will be found on websites such as Open Doors which supports the Persecuted Church; CMS - Church Mission Society, Interserve which supports particularly medical missionaries across Asia, OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) supporting missionaries in the Far East as well as BCMS Crosslinks - if you don't know anything about any of these front-line Missionary Support agencies, do look at least at one or other of them as there is much to be praising God for. 

May God bless us and reveal His love in new ways during this special advent season.

Every blessing,