Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : October - November

Our first readings, after touching on minor prophets Malachi and Joel, are from Paul's letter to the Romans: Chapter 1 of Romans is not included in the Sunday lectionary, which is a pity as it sets out some important teaching about moral behaviour. We then pick up the smaller letters of the New Testament - Titus, Philemon and 2 and 3 John, before moving into Revelation leading up to Advent. Our gospel readings plod on through Luke's gospel, and it is always good to note the emphasis he has on Jesus' healing ministry - Luke was a doctor.

Our psalms are part of the hymnody of Judaism and of course our own worship, as so many hymns are based on them.

I hope your prayer lives are much enriched by joining in with others around the benefice praying together: if there are events that should be included, it is an oversight on my part or I have not had notification - so let me know if there are things which should be included...

Every blessing