Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : June -July 2018

Herewith the next prayer and Bible readings for the next 6 weeks: our first reading each day continues in the Old Testament with 1 & 2 Kings - stories of the good, the bad and the indifferent kings of Israel and Judah, going on to the minor prophets,Zechariah, Amos, Hosea, Micah,with some of Isaiah and Jeremiah as well - all who sought to bring God's message to a people who would not listen - not unlike our own day where our politicians, culture, media ignore or ridicule God's Word and way; the scriptures tell us the consequences... 

Our New Testament readings are almost exclusively in Matthew's gospel, written to mainly a Jewish audience with much reference to how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and so proved to be the Messiah. 

Our praying covers some specific events - PCCs, weddings, baptisms, and people in different groups and needs around our benefice - may God bless your reading and praying,

Every blessing